What is Smoking Cloche? Recipes and More

Smoking Cloche Uses

When it comes to foods and drinks, the way it is presented to us matters. It can be a total turn off or manage to reawaken and create a remarkable experience. As a homemaker or mixologist, you naturally want to be more inventive by adding some intrigue and a modern twist. A smoking cloche is a handy tool to help you achieve this.

Let’s talk about spicing up your cocktail and food moments, and why you should get the Gourmet’s smoking cloche to give your interior space, meals, and drinks an appreciated overhaul. We will also share tips on how to make the best smoking cloche.

What is a smoking cloche?

A smoking cloche is a tool that adds a touch of finesse and pomp to your dishes and drinks by elegantly diffusing smoke into the environment.

These tools have a couple of smoking guns and valves that create a dramatic sight; a blend of a breathtaking scene and aroma.

Smoking cloche flavors

The beauty of smoking cloches is that they allow you to get creative and inventive in generating the preferred aroma. You can go for the popular wood flavors or settle on something more complex and sophisticated like blending dried herbs and spices.

The handheld infuser allows you to add your preferred delicious flavor augmenting your cocktail, dishes, or appetizers.

How to use the smoking gun

Infusing your foods or drinks with your favorite aromas is very easy if you know your way around the Gourmets smoking gun.

Here’s how to go about with the Gourmet’s smoking cloche;

Fill the smoking chamber with hardwood chips or fine sawdust and light it up using a match or any other ordinary lighter. After burning, the smoking gun’s rubber tube directs the smoke into your glass or pitcher of choice where it wraps it up, filling it with an elegant, spicy, and smoky flavor.

The smoking gun is compact and lightweight. The compactness makes it stable to use while the lightweight makes it gentle to use and carry around. The smoky flavors do not have any extra heat, this makes the smoky infusion ideal for both cooked and uncooked foods and drinks. There are no concerns about overheating.

The smoking gun has an inbuilt smoking chamber where you can blend your favorite flavors and gently diffuse them on your set of fruits, drinks, or vegetables. The extender hose allows you to use it on a resealable container.

Best smoking cloche recipes

You should be as careful about the products that you use on a smoking cloche, as you are about the ones used to prepare your dish, cocktail or any other drink.

Stay away from any products that contain chemicals or any other contamination. If you are using wood chips, ensure that they are small enough to fit into the smoking gun’s burning chamber.

There are no limitations about the flavor because tastes and preferences differ from one person to the other.

That said, there is a collection of wood chips worth trying out. Why not try out the following popular wood flavors.

  • Maple
  • Cherry wood
  • Hickory
  • Pecan and
  • Mesquite

You can also try out the following dried herbs and spices:

  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Dry lavender flower buds

Lavender is perfect for therapeutic treatment of insomnia, anxiety, depression, and stress.

  • Cedar

Unknown to many, burnt cedar relays a beautiful scent and is associated with purification and kicking out negative energy.

  • Sweet grass blended with sage
  • Rosebuds

Roses are known for defining a romantic environment. Their burning smoke creates an equally refreshing environment for you and your loved one as you sip down your favorite cocktail.

  • Mugwort

The aroma of this dry herb cleanses negative energy lighting up your mood.

Smoking cloche as a gift

The gourmet smoking cloche makes an ideal gift for a loved one. It will help bring the sophisticated and cozy look closer home and the guests will be glad to enjoy a meal or drink in an environment characterized by an elegant smoky whirl. This tool is also a perfect gift for your cocktail mixologists or that friend with a mini bar at home.

Aromatherapy at its best

Gone are the days when aromatherapy was a reserve of tiny and expensive essential oils. Smoking cloche is a better and more elegant way to wellness and relaxation. There are many options to choose from; wood chips or herbs. One of the many advantages of burning plant-based ingredients is that most of these come with health benefits. It’s also easier to go for plants that are free of any harmful chemicals.

Experience the wellness and beneficial aspects of plants by diffusing the ingredients into your living space using the Gourmet’s smoking cloche today. This tool is also stylish and will add a cozy look to your space.