What Makes a Diptyque Lavender Candle the Perfect Gift

Today, almost everyone lights up scented candles for various reasons. Giving a friend or family member a Diptyque lavender scented candle is one of the best things you can do for them. We shall explore the history of candles, the benefits of lavender-scented candles, and why they make the best gifts.

History of Scented Candles

Scented candles conjure up romantic dinners and luxurious baths, but it was not always this way. Once upon a time before electricity, people used candles to light homes after sundown or for religious rituals, and there wasn’t anything romantic about that life!

There isn’t a time or place we can point at as to when scented candles were invented. Different civilizations each did their thing, which we can date back to 5,000 years. The ancient Egyptians circa 3,000 BC made their candles by combining reeds and animal fat.

The reed acted as the wick, with the animal fat fueling the ‘wick’s’ flame. Around 500 BC, the Romans made their candles by rolling papyrus and dipping it several times into beeswax or tallow (made from melted mutton or beef fat), which were probably the first impression of today’s wicks.

The Chinese were not left behind and fashioned wicks from rolled-up rice paper and wax made from seeds and incest, or whale fat. The Japanese made candles with wax from tree nuts, while Indians boiled the cinnamon tree fruit. These were the first forms of scented candles in the world.

Different Uses of Scented Candles

We have come a long way from these ancient methods of making candles. We also discovered many ways to scent the candles and make them last. Diptyque scented candles come in various flavors and can be used for different reasons. Diptyque lavender is among the top sellers, and some of the reasons why people buy these candles are:

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Best Lavender Gift Ideas

1.    Subtle Lighting

In a world too accustomed to glaring lights, scented candles provide you with subtle lighting and a calming ambiance. A scented candle gives off a lovely smell, as well as lights up your home. It is easier to fall asleep in a candle-lit room than a brightly lit room, especially a Diptyque candle that gives off lavender’s wonderful aroma.

2.    Aromatherapy

Scents are known to do wonders for lifting moods, little wonder they are used in aromatherapy. Smells have the power to awaken your olfactive memory, which is memory brought about by odors and evokes emotions such as nostalgia.

Smells help to rid your body of anxiety, worry, and promote wellness. Lavender is one of the wonder scents used in aromatherapy and helps relieve chronic pain, help you sleep, etc. One of the most amazing lavender candles you can use or gift a loved one is the Diptyque lavender scented candle.

3.    Energy Saving

Aside from the obvious, scented candles go a long way in helping you to conserve energy. To save on energy and reduce power bills, have a candle-lit dinner most nights, and the soothing smell of lavender-infused candle relaxes you and soothes all your worries away.

4.    Chasing Bad Vibes

Burning scented candles in your space is said to chase away bad vibes. If you feel your home needs a dose of fresh air, light up a candle, and open the windows to chase the bad energy out. Whether you believe this or not, lighting a scented candle always injects a warm positivity into any space.

Why a Scented Candle Makes a Perfect Gift

Some people belong to the school of thought that a candle is a bad gift idea. This is because they figure that the candle won’t last forever. Those who say this have never bought a Diptyque scented candle, which lasts through 50 to 60 hours of burning! That’s a long time for a candle, considering you are not likely to continuously light the candle.

As mentioned before, scents evoke memories of the past. The person you gift the candle will always have fond memories of the candle gift you bought them. If this isn’t a form of forever, I don’t know what it is!


Scented candles are not about to go out of fashion at any time. Burning candles do a lot for your mind and body, depending on which scent you burn. Lavender is known for its many benefits, including relaxing and relieving chronic pains. The ancient civilizations knew a thing or two about the benefits of the scented candle, and all we did was to reinvent the wheel.

Getting a loved one a scented candle for a gift is an excellent way of recreating old memories and creating new ones. Whether you want to relax, save money, or just to gift someone, you will never go wrong with the lavender scent.